What is IALDA?

The International Amusement & Leisure Defense Association, Inc. is a non-profit association of lawyers and other professionals who are actively engaged in representing the interests of the amusement and leisure industries.  IALDA members work closely with those in the amusement and water park industries as well as those involved in the bowling, roller skating, and other leisure industries.  IALDA is not a trade association or a bar association and membership must be approved by the Membership Committee.  IALDA is an independent organization and not affiliated with any insurance company, brokerage, or law firm.

IALDA Provides:

  • Industry specific publication and education
  • Membership directory
  • Reference sources
  • Safety materials
  • Legal opinions
  • Legislative history
  • Conferences, seminars, conventions
  • and other feature benefits to our members

What is the Mission of IALDA?

The mission of IALDA is to promote and protect the legal interests of the amusement and leisure industry.

To achieve this mission, IALDA will provide a means for members to meet and network with others who practice in similar areas of the law. It will provide a forum for members who handle similar types of industry legal matters to exchange information, share experiences and develop common discovery and litigation strategies.  IALDA will also operate as a clearinghouse for speakers and authors on industry-specific topics and educational seminars for the industry and its insurers.

Who is Eligible to Join IALDA?

IALDA is open to lawyers and non-lawyer professionals who meet the association’s membership requirements.

Active membership in IALDA is open to experienced members of the Bar who regularly represent the amusement and leisure industries, including defense counsel, house counsel, corporate, and insurance counsel. Associate membership is open to corporations, organizations, and non-lawyers with a strong interest in industry legal affairs including executives of insurance companies, risk managers, amusement facility owners/operators, state ride inspectors, manufacturers, insurance brokers, independent adjusters, and expert witnesses.

Where are IALDA Members Located?

IALDA is a rapidly growing association. Our goal is to have members in all 50 states and every developed country.

What are the benefits of membership in IALDA?

IALDA is undertaking an ambitious program of publication and education. Board members of IALDA have presented educational seminars and have exhibited at the Fun Expo, the World Waterpark Association, Association of Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers (AIMS) and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) conventions. Other benefits of membership include publication of a newsletter, membership directory, and regional and industry-specific education seminars.

Who Founded IALDA?

The seven members of the Charter Board of Directors includes six experienced defense attorneys and one prominent member of the insurance industry.