IALDA at RSA 2024

Lary Zucker (Board Member/Past President), David Daly (Board Member/Past President), Paul Cavanaugh (President), Tom Brown (Board Member), Sara Mazzolla (Board Member), and Alicia Caridi (Board Member) attended the Annual RSA Convention and Trade Show in Orlando on May 7th, 2024. They hosted Breakfast with IALDA and presented the Legal Roundtable, which explored how adherence to the Risk Management Guidelines can impact claim valuation.

IALDA at WWA 2023

IALDA Board Members Lary Zucker (Past President), Gaylee Gillim (Secretary/Past President), Alicia Caridi, and Rudie Baldwin attended the World Waterpark Association Symposium & Trade Show in New Orleans on October 25th, 2023. They presented a seminar titled “Brand Mindful Litigation Strategies in the Era of Cancel Culture.” The discussion included examples and stories of how litigation can take a turn for the worse and negatively affect your reputation/brand, strategies to avoid such pitfalls, and future-focused recommendations of how to stay in front of PR nightmares.

Lary Zucker, Alicia Caridi, and Rudie Baldwin

IALDA at 2023 RSA Convention

Jerry Landers (Board Member/Past President), Lary Zucker (Board Member/Past President), Jeff Johnson (President), Paul Cavanaugh (Vice President), Joshua Greer (Board Member), Sara Mazzolla (Member), and Clodagh Lane attended the Annual RSA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas on May 2nd, 2023. They hosted the Breakfast with IALDA event and presented a seminar titled “Risk Management Is More Than Accident Prevention.” Covered topics included discrimination and harassment, preserving the corporate form, cyber security, and social media.

Photo Credit: Roller Skating Association International
Pictured: Clodagh Lane, Jerry Landers, Sara Mazzolla, Jeff Johnson, Paul Cavanaugh, Lary Zucker, and Joshua Greer

IALDA at 2023 AIMS International Safety Seminar

IALDA presented the Legal Roundtable at the 2023 AIMS International Safety Seminar. The session was moderated by Clodagh Lane of Daly Cavanaugh LLP and facilitated by IALDA members Joan Allgaier, Pat Hoffman, Suzanne Kersh, Bryan Pope, Kent Sanders, and Ryon Yemm.

Suzanne Kersh, Clodagh Lane, Joan Allgaier, Kent Sanders, and Bryan Pope

IALDA at 84th Annual RSA Convention 2021

Jeffrey Johnson, VP, Paul Cavanaugh, Treasurer, Joshua Greer, Board Member, and Clodagh Lane from Daly Cavanaugh LLP, attended the 84th Annual RSA Convention and Trade Show in Reno, Nevada on May 3rd & May 4th, 2021. They hosted the Breakfast Conversation with IALDA and gave a presentation, Legal Preparation with IALDA. Members Alicia Caridi, Michael Alberico, Michael Amaro and Lary Zucker participated in the presentation by video conferencing.